Below are a list of upcoming courses that I will be teaching in-person soon. If you are interested in signing up, simply click the link for each class and follow that website's instructions for signing up. I hope to see you there!

Continue to check back as I hope to be adding more classes soon!

The symbolic dogwood flower meets metal + stone

”Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul." -Luther Burbank

Well, in this case… let’s smith our own garden & wear it!!

Dogwoods symbolize rebirth as it is one of the first trees to bloom during early spring, representing new life. It is also known for its durability, able to endure and survive in hard times. A fitting flower choice for the recent storms we have weathered and our strength to preserver.

In this class, we will construct a split cuff bracelet out of a Dogwood casting & a matching pair of cabochons.

What techniques are involved?

Stamping, working with castings, perfecting your bezel techniques, sawing, and so much more!

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Let's Stud-Y this pair!

Like little drops of dew, these earrings are a wonderful staple piece to add to your jewelry box. I wear mine more than most of my bigger earrings since they are super light and understated.

Working small comes with its challenges.

Let me show you my techniques for tiny bezels, making matching pairs, adding details to add interest to small pieces, and keeping bits and pieces organized when making multiples at one time.

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A sweet little reminder of your time in Tucson

Nothing says Southwest more than turquoise and desert plants.

These Itty Bitty Succulent Necklaces are an ideal reminder of your time here in the Sonoran desert.

With their dainty size they are a perfect wardrobe staple.

I wear my itty bitty almost every day! (I am one who believes turquoise goes with everything.)

This will be a quick 4-hour class where you walk out with a finished wearable piece.

We will be working with sterling silver succulents that were pre-cast for us from ACTUAL tiny succulents and some gorgeous turquoise cabochons.

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A modern take on a classic hoop

In this 4-hour class we will create a pair of earrings with ball embellishments that go around each entire hoop.

What is not included… frustration while adding ball embellishments to a round surface.

I will take you through my process to avoid balls falling off of your circle as you go.

You will gain tips and tricks for your soldering toolbox that will apply to many future projects you create.

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I believe that it is time for our jewelry to multitask, don’t you?

Have you ever purchased a large cabochon that you ended up hoarding in a drawer because you just couldn’t make a decision on how you wanted to use it?

Would it be best as a cuff?

Or... maybe a scarf slide?

What if you could create one focal piece that could function in multiple different ways?

With a little creative planning, that cherished beauty can be a piece that you can transition from scarf slide, to hat band adornment, to a leather cuff statement piece, to even a hair accessory, and much more.

In this class we will play with creating one focal piece that will fulfill your accessory needs.

Not only will we be working with silver and stone, but the leather for each purpose as well.

I am also excited to show you how to work with utilizing curb chain to frame your stone for that extra texture and interest.

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