the face behind the jewelry

Shannon is the owner and creative force behind Carry A Torch. She is a self taught silversmith, designing crushworthy jewelry out of her home studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. She holds a BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design from the University of Arizona. Shannon's background in many other art mediums—including hand-lettering, computer graphics, sculpture, textiles and painting—all contribute to the color, texture and balance in her creations. A passion for trying new materials and challenging herself is what drove Shannon to try her hand at silversmithing, igniting a flame that has her smitten for good. She quite literally and figuratively carries a torch for this medium. And now in her in-person and online classes, Shannon is sharing the seductive spark of silversmithing with her fellow artists.


a glimpse into my process

Each and every piece I create begins with pencil and paper in my sketchbook. Not only do I have a master plan this way, but I also have a lovely record of my past design ideas long after they make their way to their new owners.

Pining for more photos of my sketchbook? I quite often post snapshots of pages on my instagram account. You can get there through the banner below.

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